Use Cases


Project’s Concept

PHASE IV AI will provide and validate a comprehensive set of scientific, technological, and enabling results accessible as services. Beyond the mere aspects of research on beyond SotA technology, the accessibility and applicability of the technological results are key issues for competitiveness of the European Health industry and citizens, health care providers and health systems benefiting from a swift uptake of innovative health technologies and services. With the holistic approach of PHASE IV A ,researchers, innovators as well as the European health industry shall gain access to privacy compliant data and computation as a service in high quality facilitating decreased time-to-market for data-driven innovation increasing its competitiveness.
Therefore, PHASE IV AI follows an agile integrated approach developing (1) data synthetization services (DaaS), (2) multi-party computation services (MaaS), and (3) a Health Data Hub. Underlying to these developments, innovative tools for in-situ data extraction, data management, e.g. filtering, cleansing, and joining, shall be utilized. The development of PHASE IV AI will setup upon clinical data environments across several European regions – Scandinavia, Central Europe, Western Europe, and the United Kingdom. This way a wide variety of data can be accessed as well as a broad validation of the developed tools and services along diverse work environments and professional user groups is ensured.

Project’s Objectives

To establish an integrated project workflow based on several development cycles, active reporting and efficient implementation.
To generate privacy compliant, individual-level health data to support the development of innovative health technologies.
To advance the conditions for the effective, cross-border utilization of real-world evidence through multi-party computation
To facilitate the GDPR-compliant secondary use of health data, especially for industry-based research, development, and innovation
To promote the uptake of breakthrough technologies through testing and validation in real-world use cases
To develop practical data market solutions and concepts for the competitive and sustainable European health industry.

Use Cases

Use Case 1 – Lung Cancer
In comparison to the standard of care, which does not currently use AI-based algorithms, this pilot aims to evaluate the impact on the accuracy and speed of diagnosis, the workload of radiologists and radiographers, the cost of the pathway and the clinical outcomes.
Use Case 2 – Prostate Cancer
This project will focus on the development of predictive ML tools using RWD to enhance risk stratification of PCa patients, to gain insights into the disease trajectory and to advance personalized clinical care and research.
Use Case 3 – Ischemic Stroke
This use case will test training of lesion and anomaly detection solutions with synthetic 3D MRI data for cDSS supporting clinicians with ischemic stroke. Within the clinical challenges quality assessments and metrics of the synthetic image usefulness are developed to improve the data utilization in wider scope of developers.

Deliverables Progress