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Breaking Down Data Silos: Launch of HealthData4EU Cluster Promises Groundbreaking Healthcare Innovations

The future of healthcare just got a whole lot brighter with the launch of a dynamic cluster of sister projects funded under the prestigious HORIZON-HLTH-2022-IND-13-02 call. This synergistic endeavor brings together leading-edge initiatives, each committed to leveraging technology to advance patient care and dismantle data silos.

At the heart of this initiative is a collective mission: to harness cutting-edge technologies and drive impactful change in healthcare delivery. With a focus on enhancing accessibility and efficiency in patient care, these projects are poised to revolutionize the healthcare landscape across the European Union

Breaking barriers in rare hematological diseases, SYNTHEMA aims to establish a cross-border health data hub. By pioneering AI-based techniques for clinical data anonymization and synthetic data generation, SYNTHEMA seeks to address data scarcity and fragmentation, paving the way for GDPR-compliant research in this critical area.

Advancing AI in healthcare, PHASE IV AI pioneers synthetic data generation to overcome barriers in data accessibility and privacy. By developing state-of-the-art synthesis methods and privacy-compliant protocols, PHASE IV AI accelerates the adoption of AI-powered tools for preventive healthcare and clinical decision-making.

Spearheading a cross-border health data collaboration ecosystem, SECURED offers a secure collaboration hub for decentralized processing of health data. Through Privacy Preserving Computation techniques such as secure multiparty computation (SMPC) or Homomorphic Encryption (HE) and synthetic data generation, SECURED facilitates innovation in health data analytics and fosters collaboration among stakeholders.

Revolutionizing healthcare data utilization, FLUTE enhances predictions of aggressive prostate cancer through privacy-preserving AI support to physicians. By minimizing unnecessary biopsies, FLUTE improves patient outcomes and reduces healthcare costs.

Leading the change in pediatric healthcare innovation, PHEMS establishes a decentralized health data ecosystem. By leveraging federated analytics and machine learning, PHEMS transforms pediatric care for children’s hospitals.

Aims to develop a platform that will provide healthcare data engineers, practitioners, and researchers access to a trustworthy dataset system augmented with controlled data synthesis for experimentation and modeling purposes. This platform will address data privacy and security by combining new anonymization techniques, attribute-based privacy measures, and trustworthy tracking systems.

Read the HealthData4EU press release for more info